Drinks • Dungeons • Decks • Destiny

Hire tavern patrons for the dirty work in this dungeon-crawling, deck-building business sim with swords!

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Procedurally-Generated Linear Dungeons

Who has time to wander through a maze? Engage directly in a unique set of battles every time you crawl.

Deck-Based Combat

Equip Gear to build each hero's deck in an intuitive turn-based combat system. Use Crafting to adjust effects and stats.


Use Divination to buff your crew and identify dungeon denizens, then send the hero best-suited to exploit weaknesses.

Manage Your Staff

Negotiate pay for your heroes and collect their spoils of war. Keep their glasses full (and pockets empty) so they keep working.

  • Cross-platform play for PC and Mobile. Nature calls? Don't stop the crawls!

  • Story featuring a villain inspired by the inane tweets of teenage celebrities.

  • Endless play with no level cap or limit to dungeon size.

  • No Ads. No IAP. No Analytics. No internet required.

Original Soundtrack

We've got original tunes from talented game composer hyliombi.


Ask Us If It's Done Yet

Want the inside scoop? Come hang with us on Discord or check out our latest Dev Log.

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Release date?

Sometime in 2022. You can Wishlist on Steam or join the mailing list to be notified.

What platforms and languages?

PC (Steam), iOS, and Android in English. We plan to localize into other languages after launch, and expand to other platforms.

Is this a Roguelike?

There are some similarities, but you don't start the game over after each session, progress is permanent, and there's a storyline to follow. Fans of roguelikes will find a lot to enjoy here.

Do you need beta testers?

Yes! But not quite yet. Check back later or join the mailing list to be notified when we're ready for you to test!

Who Are We?

BXB Shedquarters

The Shedquarters

We're two industry veterans who went indie in 2012 and released Fiz: The Brewery Management Game after a successful Kickstarter campaign.

We develop games from our shedquarters near Portland, Oregon.

BXB Shedquarters

The Shedquarters

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Or email [email protected].

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We permit anyone to monetize recordings of Thirsty Heroes gameplay. Check out the Presskit if you need assets/keys.